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One Year of Age Genetic Guarantee 


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Breed: Ragdoll 


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The Breeder and the New Pet Owner are both acknowledging that the said kitten/cat is being purchased as a: 

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Charming Ragdoll kittens are guaranteed for one year of age against fatal genetic or congenital defects. In the event of a death within the first year of age, a replacement kitten will be given, no refunds will be given. To qualify for a replacement kitten, a necropsy must be performed in the event the kitten dies. Proof of genetic or congenital defect must be made by a licensed veterinarian and all vet records must be sent to Charming Ragdolls for review. N­o viral diseases (including Feline Infectious Peritonitis or FIP), bacterial infections, or parasites are covered by the one year genetic/congenital guarantee, as we have no control over the environment to which the kitten is exposed to once it leaves our cattery. The breeder does not warranty the cat/kitten from any adverse reactions against any future vaccines or procedures/surgeries. 

The Breeder is not liable for any veterinarian expenses that are incurred by the New Pet Owner(s) throughout the kitten’s/cat’s life. The New Pet Owner(s) also understand that there will be no reimbursement of any kind for any veterinary or non-veterinary expenses that accumulate or occur that may be associated with any diagnose acquired illness that may occur throughout the kitten’s/cat’s lifetime. 

**The Purchaser/New Pet Owner agrees to not have ANY TYPE of surgical procedure performed on the said kitten/cat in an attempt to remove the kitten/cat’s claws. In the even this occurs, ALL health guarantees on the said kitten/cat will become void. 

Charming Ragdolls recommends keeping new kittens/cats away from other family household pets for a period of three-four weeks. This will allow for proper acclimation for the kitten/cat, and for the family’s pet to get used to new smells the kitten/cat will introduce into the home. We recommend keeping the kitten/cat in a bedroom and bathroom area where the family can spend quality time with the kitten/cat allowing for proper bonding and attachments to people in the home to occur. Pets already in the home will adjust to the kitten’s/cat’s new smell under the door, and will allow for all pets in the home to get used to each other over the two-week period. Each kitten/cat should also have one litter box each allowing them to have a sanitary home environment. This should be cleaned daily. 

Ragdolls are extremely social and sensitive cats and will often experience periods of adjustment when going to their new home. Changes in their home environment or the introduction of other animals may cause stress to the kitten/cat. New Pet Owner(s) need to be sensitive to signs of stress and make sure weight is maintained. During the kitten’s/cat’s two-week acclimation period, New Pet Owner(s) should watch for signs of distress. These can include: sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose, diarrhea, constipation, and/or hair loss. The kitten/cat may also hide in their new homes for the first 48 hours. 

Please keep fresh food, water, and their litter box nearby to make the adjustment easier for the kitten/cat, and until the kitten/cat acclimates. 

**The New Pet Owner(s) agrees the kitten/cat will live strictly indoors and will NOT be permitted outdoors. Failure to do so will void ANY and ALL health guarantees. 

**Kittens/cats will be vaccinated before leaving Charming Ragdolls Cattery for FVRCP (first round only at 8 weeks of age) and will be dewormed. If you chose to vaccinate your kitten against FIP, FIV, or FeLV, this guarantee from Charming Ragdolls Cattery will be void. These vaccines are not core vaccines and can make your kitten sick, and will make them test positive for FIP, FIV, or FeLV. Only have your kitten vaccinated for feline distemper (panleukopenia), calicivirus, and rhinothracheitis. Rabies vaccinations can be given if the New Pet Owner(s) chose to vaccinate for this, but it is not necessary since the kitten/cat will remain indoors for the duration of its lifetime. It is the New Pet Owner(s) responsibility to keep the kitten’s/cat’s vaccinations up to date, and to take them for regular veterinary check-ups. 

** The buyer also must have the kitten spayed or neutered by 7 months (if not spayed or neutered before leaving the cattery) (SEE NOTE BELOW) if the kitten is purchased as a pet: 

Spay or Neuter required for kitten/cat by 7 months of age: X 

Failure to do so will void the contract and one year health guarantee and Charming Ragdolls will deny a release of the TICA registration forms. Proof of spay/neutering from a licensed veterinarian must be emailed to Charming Ragdolls at: 

Kitten is not to be sold under any circumstances. If a kitten is found to have been sold or given away, the health guarantee is void and not transferrable. 

Breeding a Charming Ragdolls kitten without breeding rights is prohibited and breeder may elect to proceed with legal action if it is discovered that the adopter or anyone else is breeding a Charming Ragdoll. 

If adopter violates any terms of this agreement, the breeder has the right to recover the kitten(s) and adopter will comply by returning the kitten(s) to breeder with no refund or reimbursement. 

The New Pet Owner(s) signature(s) below along with the Breeder are required to make this agreement a legal and binding agreement between the two parties herein. 

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